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It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you at the Ambassador Hotel Thessaloniki. The

management and all our staff are at your disposal in order to make your stay at the hotel

comfortable and pleasant. This directory was created for your information about the services and facilities offered in our hotel. We are at your disposal for any additional information you may need.

General information about Thessaloniki




Thessaloniki was founded in 315 BC. from the Macedonian general Kassandros, who named her

after his wife and half-sister of Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki and came from the unification

of 26 settlements and areas around the Thermaicos Gulf.




It is located in a very characteristic spot on the map. To the southwest it is bathed by Thermaicos

Gulf while to the northwest it breathes from the forest of Kedrinos Lofos or Sheikh Sou. The city

center stretches from the exhibition and the universities to the train station and is highly urbanized.




Thessaloniki is the largest and most populous city in Macedonia in northern Greece and the

second largest in the country after the capital Athens.



After the conquest of the Macedonian kingdom by the Romans in 168 BC. Thessaloniki became a

Roman possession knowing at the same time great development in every respect. It became an

important trade crossroad, effectively connecting Europe with Asia via the Roman Egnatia Road.

From the 1st century AD the city became one of the early centers of Christianity as the Apostle

Paul started here many of his preachings, laying the foundations for the new religion. During the

Byzantine period the city experienced perhaps the greatest prosperity while growing in population, which made it the second most important city of the whole empire after Constantinople.


After its conquest by the Ottomans in 1432 it remained in the Ottoman Empire for about five

centuries. From the middle of the 19th century, it was the most cosmopolitan and multicultural

urbanized center of the Ottoman Empire.



Today Thessaloniki is a modern European city while maintaining its position as an important

commercial and economic center connecting all Balkan countries. In 1997 it became the cultural

capital of Europe and is one of the largest centers of university education in Southeastern Europe.




The tour of Thessaloniki can start from “Ladadika”, right next to the Port of the city. The

“Ladadika” area with its listed buildings and cobbled streets becomes an attraction for those who

want to see Thessaloniki as it was before the great fire of 1917, and to try unique traditional

flavors in the taverns and restaurants housed there.



“Ladadika”, the Port as well as the area of “Valaoritou Str.” are the main attraction for those who

want to experience the intense nightlife in Thessaloniki, as they host some of the most famous

bars, pubs and clubs in the city.



The religious character of Thessaloniki is evident in every corner of the city. Important

monuments of the Byzantine period, temples and monasteries can be found throughout the center of Thessaloniki as well as in “Ano Poli”.



The Church of Agios Dimitrios, Agia Sofia, the Vlatadon monastery, Panagia Chalkeon, are just

some of the religious monuments that testify to the rich religious tradition of Thessaloniki.



The most important attraction of Thessaloniki as well as its landmark, is undoubtedly the White

Tower. It was built during the Turkish occupation and was then known as the Tower of the Lion

or the Tower of Blood. The White Tower today functions as a museum for the history of the city.

It is located very close to the Archaeological and Byzantine Museum, two of the most important

museums in the city.



The central point of Thessaloniki is Aristotelous Square, crossed by four major highways (Nikis

Avenue, Tsimiski, Egnatia and Agios Dimitrios).

General information about hotel




The hotel is located in the area of “Plagiari” 18 km east of the center of Thessaloniki, only 3.5 km

from the Airport “Macedonia”. In recent years, Plagiari has experienced great residential development and its population has grown rapidly. It is estimated at about 6,000 inhabitants.


At a distance of 3 km is the town of Perea, where you can taste the wonderful Greek cuisine in the taverns by the sea or buy various souvenirs from the shops located along the road.

You can spend your free time in the huge Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center as well as in the “Hondos shopping Center”, both within 10 minutes’ drive from the hotel. In the surrounding area there is a huge amusement park, “Magic Park” as well as the famous “Waterland” for those who love water.


In short distance from the hotel, you can enjoy the sea in well-organized beaches awarded with the “Blue Flag”.


Hotel Services




Our Reception is at your disposal 24 hours for any information or assistance. To contact the

reception, please call ‘8’ 24 hours a day.


First aid

First aid kit available at the reception.


Lost & Found

In case personal items are forgotten during the stay, they are kept in a special area until requested.


Luggage room and transfer service

For luggage Transfer Service, please contact Reception.

Luggage storage at the reception.



In the implementation of sustainable development practices, our hotel encourages the use of

special collection bins for paper, plastic and glass / aluminum.



Open daily for breakfast from 07:00 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.

Early Breakfast Service is available (before 07:00 am), upon request at the Hotel Reception.

Food or breakfast can be provided in special packages/boxes to go, upon request.

Extra charges may apply in additional requests for Services.



Breakfast Buffet is available from 07:00 until 10:30 in the restaurant lounge on the ground floor of the hotel. Breakfast can also be served in the room upon request.


Room service

Room service is available from 07:00 to 24:00. There is a menu in each room. For your orders

please call 353.


Business Services

There is a Business Center on the ground floor of the hotel for use by customers, 24 hours, free of charge.



Wireless internet (hi speed) is available free of charge in all areas of the hotel and in the rooms.


Do not Disturb

Please hang the special card provided with the orange side outside the door of your room if you do not want the cleaning staff to enter the room or to be bothered. To avoid telephone annoyance please inform the Reception.


Card keys

Please deliver your card / key to the Reception when you leave the hotel and on your departure.

Do not leave your key in the lock or outside the door of your room for security reasons.



The email address of the Ambassador Hotel is: reception@ambassador.gr



The room cleaning staff visits and refreshes your rooms daily. Following a sustainable

environmental policy, the hotel management asks you to reuse towels and room linen in general.

Otherwise, please leave used towels intended for changing on the bathroom floor.



Small pets are allowed in certain types of rooms, according to availability and after prior

consultation with the Front office or reservations department. Pets must be fully trained and

restrained by guests at all times. Guests are responsible for cleaning after their pet at the Hotel and in the neighborhood. Customers are liable for any material damage or personal injury by the pet.

The hotel reserves the right to charge the customer’s account according to the cost of damages.



You can communicate with the maids through the Reception.


Air conditioning

The hotel provides a central air conditioning system which operates according to the weather

conditions. Each room has an independent temperature controller. Please close the window to start the air conditioning, otherwise it may not work.


Blankets – duvets

Extra bedding (blanket) is available in the room closet. Please contact the Reception for anything

else you need.



Extra pillows are available in the room closet. Selection of pillows of different types, upon



Baby Cots

Baby cots are available free of charge, upon request at the Reception and subject to availability.



We inform you that the tap water is drinkable. However, bottled water is available in the

refrigerator of your room as well as in the bar.



The hair dryer is in the basic equipment of every room.



For outside line, please dial 9 and the number you want. For internal calls, dial the room number.



Call 353. Daily 07:00 am-24:00pm


Baby chairs

In case you need high baby chairs please contact the waiter.



Please contact the Reception if you need any service with future bookings.



The Hotel provides ample parking space, free of charge.



We can arrange your transfer from the Hotel to various points of interest, airport, port, train station etc. on request and based on driver availability.


Arrival – departure

On the day of your arrival the rooms are available for use from 14:00 while your departure must

take place by 11:00. If you wish another time of departure please contact the Reception in time.


Τηλέφωνο / Telephone

For outside line, please dial 9 and the number you want. For internal calls, dial the room number.



Each room is equipped with satellite TV. For clarifications or information on the operation and

selection of channels please contact the Reception.


Mini bar

Each room is equipped with a fridge / mini bar.


Wake up call

Please contact the Reception for the time you would like to wake up.


Photocopy, scanner, fax

Photocopying, scan and faxing services are available at the Reception. Guests staying at the Hotel and wishing to receive a fax are kindly requested to inform the Reception. Fax: +30 23920 21204


Credit – debit cards

The following credit/debit cards are accepted

American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa. Please ask the Reception for more information.



For valuables and cash, we suggest you use the safe provided in the room, free of charge, or the

central safe of our hotel. Please contact the front office department.


Laundry service

Please contact the Reception. Iron and ironing board can be provided by calling the Room service or the Reception.


For your safe




In the event of an elevator malfunction, please do not panic.

Press the emergency button inside the elevator and our Technician will immediately take care of

restoring its operation.

For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult.


Fire safety

Consult the safety instructions on the back of your room door.

In case of fire please use the stairs for your exit from the hotel and NOT the ELEVATORS.

There are fire extinguishers in the corridors of each floor. Fire detection system operates in all

public areas and corridors. In case of fire please inform the Reception and evacuate the building

immediately using the stairs and NOT the ELEVATORS.


Power failure

In the event of a power failure, power is supplied via a generator. The use of elevators can

continue normally because it operates with a privately owned power pair.



Consider key card of your room as the key of your house. Do not leave the card in the room.

Return the card to the Reception when you leave the hotel.

If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the reception. When leaving the room make

sure the windows and doors are properly secured. Upon your departure, please leave your card at the reception.



All emergency exits are clearly identified and suitable for a quick and safe evacuation of the

building in the event of an emergency.


General Information




For reservations and ticket information please contact the Reception department.


Gas station

There are several gas stations at a close distance, both in the direction of the airport but also

towards Plagiari.


Charging point for EV

Our hotel has a special charging station for Electric Vehicles. For more information or instructions for using it, contact the Reception.



Babysitting service upon request and subject to availability. If you need a babysitter, contact the

Reception department. To ensure your service, please state what your needs are from Mon – Fri

(Friday to 12:00 am) and at least 48 hours before the time you need a babysitter.


Doctor – Dentist

Please contact the Reception.


Trips – excursions

Excursions and tours options can be found at the Reception, upon request and subject to



Rent a Car

Contact the Reception department for information and telephone numbers.



The voltage of electricity in Greece is 220/240 at 50 Hertz.



Please contact the Reception for an appointment or more information.



If you wish to order or send flowers please contact the Reception.



There is a bus stop right outside the hotel in both directions. Ticket can be purchased either on the bus or from a kiosk. For more information and clarifications about the itineraries please contact the Reception or check Οasth app.



Contact the Reception. If you are outside the hotel, you must signal by hand, for a taxi to stop and serve you.


Post, Courier

For letters, post cards you wish to send by post as well as forms or packages you wish to be sent

via express delivery service please contact the Reception.



Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank, Eurobank and the National Bank of Greece are located in Perea, 3

minutes by car. Monday to Friday 08:00 – 14:00. For more details and instructions please contact

the Reception.



There is the large COSMOS shopping center, which has shops with a wide range of products,

restaurants, cafes and a cinema, 10 minutes away from the hotel. Another option is the market of Perea, 3 minutes from the hotel, where it has shops with clothes, jewelry and souvenirs.


Complaints – Suggestions

Please contact the Reception if you have any suggestions, complaints or concerns regarding the

operation of the hotel.


Κάντε κράτηση από την πλατφόρμα μας και επωφεληθείτε καλύτερης τιμής, πληρωμή κατά τη διαμονή, προσωπική επιλογή δωματίου, αλλά και ειδική προσφορά για μεγάλης διάρκειας διαμονή.

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